Jesse Schein

My teacher Maty Ezraty (1963-2019) used to say, “The Yoga poses never change, you do. Thus, your relationship with the poses and the practice changes.”  I’ve been practicing and teaching Yoga for 25 years. I co...

Haus Yoga: Thoughts are NOT Facts w/ Jesse Schein


As a special surprise, we have a Guest Haus Teacher taking over two Thursdays in May! Without further ado, meet Jesse Schein!

Quiet, everyone! Let's listen IN -- to our core intuition, to our heart centers! This class embraces humans in "Superhero Thrive Mode" and also supports humans on the "Struggle Bus." In this class, I hold space for us all to shift towards love, gratitude, laughter, and creativity!

All Levels
45 minutes
Props: 2 blocks