Jesse Schein

My teacher Maty Ezraty (1963-2019) used to say, “The Yoga poses never change, you do. Thus, your relationship with the poses and the practice changes.” 

I’ve been practicing and teaching Yoga for 25 years. I completed my teacher training under Maty Ezraty, Lisa Walford and Chuck Miller at YogaWorks, where I've been teaching since 2000. I've led 200-and 300-hour teacher trainings, workshops, international retreats, and, of course, public and private classes. I even did a reality Yoga TV show (don't ask).
Taking Maty's wisdom to heart, my classes are all about accessibility! Yoga can be adapted to whatever our needs are at any given moment. I aim to create an environment that integrates curiosity, presence, exploration, effort, and joy. I foster laughter and a quiet mind as well as discipline and letting gooooooo

These days, I liken my class to a fabulous Sunday Buffet with a huge spread where you can, “Do you, be you!” We got spicy, fiery kick-your-ass dishes along with lovely restful, chill ones. You can expect a well-rounded classic vinyasa flow where I provide detailed instructions about the mechanics of your body in the poses so that you can make healthy choices that work for you. I also love sequencing! It tells a story with motifs and themes. I introduce ingredients early on that can help you access more challenging poses later. 

We are all unique snowflakes and I encourage you to show up and try. I promise to be your personal enthusiastic cheerleader who will have your back! You will hear me ask the simple but profound question, "How are you?" I invite everyone to assess what's right for them on that particular day, hour, or second. Some days, less is more. Other days, more is more. I deeply believe it's OK to not be OK.

These days I'm living in Encinitas (San Diego), California with my baby boy (he’s 10) and my ancient poodle Rusty (he’s 115). I enjoy sleeping, eating, gardening, the beach, large amounts of sushi, wrapping myself in fuzzy blankets for hours at a time while reading or binging shows. I most recently have taken up drinking from 4-6 daily. Living my best middle-aged menopausal life!