New Moon Ritual & Practice: Anointed Candle

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Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig (she/her) is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, author, ...
Harness the power of of this new moon by creating an anointed candle. Pick the color, herbs, and oils that apply to your current intention, and use this magically loaded candle to create hope and light during this dark, contemplative time.

All levels
30 minutes

Tools needed:
  • 1 pillar candle (see list below)
  • candle holder and plate or bowl of water to place it on/in
  • Lighter or matches
  • Cleansing smoke or crystal (Palo Santo, sage, or incense)
  • Essential oils to fit intention (see list below)
  • Dried herbs to fit intention (see list below)
  • Piece or paper or tray to roll candle in
  • Optional: symbols of fire (lit candle), water (bowl of water), air (incense, feather, sacred smoke), and earth (salt, rocks, crystals, plants)

Sample CANDLE COLORS and their meanings:
  • Red: Passion, bravery, fertility
  • Orange: success, joy, intellect
  • Yellow: focus, intelligence, clarity
  • Green: good luck, monetary success
  • Blue: healing, tranquility, creativity
  • Purple: psychic power, intuition, guidance
  • Pink: love, romance, friendship
  • Black: protection, banishing negative energy
  • White: truth, peace, purity, all-purpose

Sample ESSENTIAL OILS and their benefits:
Anise: purification, protection
Bergamot: success, prosperity
Camphor: psychic awareness, harmony
Clary sage: cleansing of negativity
Eucalyptus: purification, healing
Jasmine: love, clairvoyance
Lavender: cleansing, tranquillity
Orange: personal power, luck
Patchouli: growth, prosperity
Sandalwood: spirituality and connection to self

Sample HERBS for new moon and their benefits:
Elderberry: a guide through moments of transition, protective agent
Mugwort: cleansing, heightens spiritual connection, self-empowerment
Dandelion root: nourishment, grounding
Dried rose: supportive love, support in emotional heartache
Dried hawthorn and linden: sense of self