The Sage Visvamitra w/ Justin Reilley

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Justin Reilley

Justin is the owner and lead instructor at Yoga Rebellion in Collingswood,NJ. He’s been teaching in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area for the last 10+ years. His love of mar...
In this Moving Mythology practice, we are going to embark on the epic task of attempting the peak pose Visvamitrasana. This pose, named after the Sage Visvamitra, is not an easy undertaking, but with focus and fortitude, we can begin to scratch at the surface of it. Visvamitra's story is one that is relatable and human, with steps towards making progress only to be detoured and lose ground. Similarly, we will use this class as an opportunity for growth and humility, so that we may minimize and overcome the backslides we face along our own spiritual paths. 

Level 2/3
75 minutes
Props: blocks and a strap 

Postures include: gate, lizard, triangle, side stretches, compass, side angle, skandasana, side planks, visvamitrasana