The Inky Phoenix presents: AMERICAN GODS

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Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig (she/her) is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, author, ...
Welcome to the land where storytelling and yoga converge! Today's practice is inspired by AMERICAN GODS by Neil Gaiman. We'll move through sun and moon salutations inspired by Mad Sweeney, Shadow, and the Zorya sisters, then dive into the land of the dead as Laura Moon. Odin will take us on a one-eyed adventure through warrior poses, and Mr. Nancy will make us wish we had six more legs. Bilquis will inspire us to be open and sensual in our hips, as we close class with a candle meditation inspired by The Jinn.

You can enjoy this class without reading the book, but as you can imagine — reading it is highly recommended!

Level 1/2 - 2
45 minutes
Props: 1 candle and lighter, 2 blocks

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