Express Yourself! w/ Rocky Heron

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Rocky Heron

Rocky Heron is an internationally acclaimed yoga and movement educator, artist, and musician. Known for his uncanny wisdom and in-depth understanding of human anatomy, Rocky’s te...
Rocky Heron is back in the Haus for Pride Week Takeover!

Join Rocky for a dance inspired somatic backbend practice! This fun and playful class takes its inspiration from contemporary dance, somatic movement, and yoga asana. This practice starts low to the ground and explores spiral patterns of movement that weave together the hemispheres of your mind and body. We will play along these pathways and progress intelligently toward crawling and kneeling backbend poses, all while examining how movement connects with our capacity to express ourselves authentically. All levels are welcome!

*pre-recorded class -- available in Replays on 6/2*
All levels
60 minutes

Postures include: Anjaneyasana, Wild thing, Parighasana, Ustrasana, Urdhva Dhanurasana