Yin for the Heart w/ Ashley Limehouse

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Ashley Limehouse

In a culture of scarcity where nothing is ever enough, yoga has given me the courage and freedom to embrace my truth. My goal has been to give students the tools they need to enh...
“Welcome to the path of the heart! Believe it or not, this can be your reality, to be loved unconditionally and to begin to become that love. This path of love doesn’t go anywhere. It just brings you more here, into the present moment, into the reality of who you already are." - Excerpt from BE LOVE NOW by Ram Dass

Often, the heart can be blocked from traumas and heartbreaks that have, in some way, kept us from the flow of love. We use this practice as a way to move that energy and to consciously create space for that which we want to see in our lives.

In this class, we will be focusing on the heart and the pericardium (the hearts protector) meridians — guiding you with words of encouragement to assist you in harmonizing the heart space, igniting your love for self, and strengthening your connection to others, all in effort to leave you with a deepened inner peace. This class is mainly focused on the chest muscles and shoulder rotator cuff group. (For example, postures such as “anahatasana” and “broken branch” will be prompted.) If you have any recent injuries, please come back to join us when feeling most stable.

All levels. Beginner friendly.
50 minutes
Props: 1-2 blocks and a towel or blanket 

Postures include: toe squat, sub-scap release, child's pose, cat + cow, puppy pose, sphinx, broken branch, banana, simple twist, reclined butterfly.