Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig (she/her) is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, author, publisher and editor-in-chief of Inky Phoenix Press, and co-host of the Webby Award nominated podcast, Free Cookies. Kathryn is known...

Haus Yoga: Calm Your Nervous System


Need a serious chill pill? This sweet but powerful dose is filled with postures that stimulate the Vagus nerve: a nerve in the body that passes through the belly, diaphragm, lungs, throat, inner ear, and facial muscles. It plays an important role in managing the central nervous system, which mean hit play on this class anytime you need to relax and reset. Hatha style (no vinyasas).

All Levels
20 minutes
Props: block, strap, optional blanket

Postures include: nadi shodhana breath, supine twist, cat and cow, child's pose, tree pose, supported bridge, crocodile